Born into a beautician family in Japan, Masa Teraguchi traveled to the U.S. and Brazil as a professional soccer player during his high school years. This experience made him set his mind on emigrating abroad. Upon completion of his high school education, Masa began his career in his family business: the cosmetology industry. After receiving additional professional training he became a hair cut instructor in 1990.

The following year Masa went to New York to further his skills and begin his dream to migrate abroad. After acquiring business education and know-how in the U.S., Masa returned to Japan to establish a beauty salon, and then went on a nationwide tour of Japan as a haircut and salon work instructor.

Other highlights of Masa's career include:

1993: Won the Japan Beauty Culture Award, together with Aiko Yamano and Shu Uemura.
1994: Came to San Diego, California to operate a salon and carry on a full-scale operation in the U.S.
1999: Celebrated the opening of his first salon, TERRA HAIR DESIGN, in La Jolla, California. In addition, for over two years he was a regular contributor to both "Beauty Tip" and "Let's be Pretty," two major California-based publications.
2000: Internet online research gave TERRA HAIR DESIGN a "Five-Star Salon" rating.
2003: Featured in a documentary broadcast by Japan's Asahi TV, which identified Masa as a "Japanese striving abroad."
2006: Renowned as a high-quality salon serving the greater San Diego area, a newly-remodeled TERRA HAIR DESIGN continued to serve a diverse array of patrons, including both Japanese and local customers. Masa's clientele many Japanese stars, including actors, major leaguers, dancers and other celebrities living in the U.S.
2007: Opened TERRA ACADEMY in October 2007 as a place for professional stylists from both the U.S. and Japan to master the fundamentals of hair cutting techniques. Daytime classes are conducted in Japanese, while evening classes are held in English.