Master Design on Models - 3rd Stage (20 units; 3 Month Program)

The Master Design course will provide you with the opportunity to work with a broad range of models from a variety of backgrounds in order to acquire advanced skills that meet world-class standards. These skills will enable you to successfully work with clients with all hair types, characteristics and traits.

In addition, you will also gain the knowledge you need to take professional photographs of models for hair shows or advertisements, and learn practical business strategies for managing your salon.

Schedule and Cost:
The Advanced Course is comprised of units A1 through A20. All classes are held Monday through Friday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

  • Units C1 - C20 are offered on a convenient day of your choice; course fee is $150 per unit.

Optional Courses
The following optional courses are also available:

Maintenance and New Style Course (1 unit)
For graduates who want to refresh or redo courses that they have already completed, this course will provide the latest techniques and information. $150 per unit.

Blow-Set Technique (1 unit)
Learn blow-set techniques that create natural-looking straight or curly hair. Maximize your haircut's effect and learn how to increase or decrease hair volume. $150 per unit.

Business Coaching Course
Private coaching for salon owners, booth renting, commissioned hair stylists, or those who want to further build their businesses. Receive individualized training and consultation to increase sales, including how to establish a clientele base and everything else you need to know to create and run a successful business. Meet 4 times a month for $800; 6-month contract required.

Salon Seminar (2 hours)
Terra Academy will come to your salon! Topics available include hair cutting, business coaching/consulting, introduction of sales system, communication, and more. $200 per person, minimum 3 people.

Click here to find out about master instructor Masa Teraguchi.